Looking for a low-cost product that sells? We supply school tuckshops, office canteens, university campuses and office parks with fresh pre-packed popcorn.

The anytime, anywhere snack

GMO free and so much fun!

Readymade Popcorn

Flavours available
Lightly Salted, Butter, BBQ, Chutney, Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chives

Popcorn (30g bag)

R5.95 each incl vat

Popcorn (60g bag)

R8.20 each incl vat

Popcorn (3kg bail)

R360.00 each incl vat

Please note: Minimum order of 50 bags per flavour – 30g and 60g only

Make Your Own

Love Poppin’ Lekka?
Make your own at home with our corn and spice range.

Corn (1kg)

R35.00 incl vat

Corn (25kg)

R650.00 incl vat

Butter popcorn spice (1kg)

R115.00 incl vat

Salt & Vinegar popcorn spice (1kg)

R90.00 incl vat

Sour Cream & Chives popcorn spice (1kg)

R120.00 incl vat

Fine movie salt (1kg)

R55.00 incl vat

Chutney (1kg)

R115.00 incl vat

Cheese & Onion Popcorn Spice (1kg)

R115.00 incl vat

BBQ Popcorn Spice (1kg)

R90.00 incl vat

Please Note:

  • Free delivery on specific days within a 25km radius, for minimum orders of 200 units.
  • We pop fresh! Please allow a lead time of 4 working days on all orders.
  • All prices include VAT.

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