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Did someone say waffles? on a stick?

Hire Waffle Lolly Machines

Whats better than a waffle? We’ll tell you what… a waffle on a stick, with a strip of milky soft serve, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Drop the mic.

Daily Rental Rates

Waffle Lolly Iron

R890 / day

Waffle mix for approx 35 Waffles
· 35 sticks
· Your choice of 1 Sauce- Choc or Caramel - Serves 35

Waffle trays and toppings.


Caramel Sauce- Serves 50

R75 incl vat

Chocolate Sauce- Serves 50

R75 incl vat- Serves 50

Rainbow Vermicelli- Serves 50

R85 incl vat

Chocolate Vermicelli- Serves 50

R75 incl vat

Sprinkle Nuts- Serves 50

R75 incl vat

Waffle Sticks

R1.00 each incl vat

Waffle Trays- Eco-Brown

R3 each incl vat

Waffle Mix 1kg- to be mixed with 1 litre of water - make approx 35 waffles.

R275 incl vat

Makes 35

Please Note:

  • Important Note: Please be aware that the prices listed do not include delivery charges, so a full delivery address will be required when you place your order so we can quote on delivery costs.
  • The packages do not include labour, but optional operators are available at a rate of R165 per hour before 5 p.m. and R220 per hour thereafter, with a minimum of 2 hours. Additionally, any packages designed for over 40 guests will require additional operators to serve. However, you are more than welcome to self-operate the machines.
  • For larger events, kindly request a quote via email at phil@caterkid.co.za
  • Please note that all prices include VAT.

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